Role : Consultant

Business with soul – Conscious Consulting provides global connections, marketing and strategic planning for those looking to elevate their business to a deeper level.

Striving to integrate extensive corporate experience (clients such as Mercedes Benz, Chrysler, Hyatt, Tech Open Air, Süddeutsche Zeitung and Redmaps) with the founding of boutique start ups and an interest in bringing spirituality, ethics & values and innovation into your business.

With a growing movement towards eco consumerism, social innovation, health and wellness goods & services, Conscious Consulting seeks to be a resource for businesses, leaders and changemakers in the industry by creating a space where talented, like-minded individuals share their knowledge and experiences.


  • – Content Development: Editing and Production
  • – Custom tailored travel guides for brands
  • – Consulting & Business network ‘matchmaking’
    – Conscious lifestyle advising and trend forecasting
    – Global location scouting
  • – Consulting on the Importing and Exporting of goods and services between the USA and Germany
  • – Sustainability strategy management
  • – Legal and financial advising (with a ‘conscious’ twist…)